Kari L Greenaway-Childrens and Devotional Author Extraordinaire

I can help you tap into your creative side: Books that inspire, help/ teach the heart. Encouragement- Children/adults. Let love be abundant!

Looking for an extraordinary book for your inquisitive child? Or a devotional book for yourself?

Redeemed Reflections Devotional Book

Not your typical devotional book. Satisfying heart-food, full of Spirit-led poems, easy to comprehend.  A Gold Medal, award-winning Devotional Christian Poetry Book Redeemed Reflections is a winner! the 2021 illumination book awards Author notes: “I...
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What Job Is for Me? From A to Z: Picture Books (Ages 4+)

What Job is For Me? From A to Z (Amazon Link) This book allows children the opportunity to explore careers and let their imaginations soar. Written with engaging rhythm and rhyme, the text will broaden a...
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Vine & Tendril Unique Gifts

Unique Christian Gifts- Vine and Tendril: Custom gifts and Home Store Unique Christian Gifts for The Whole Family: Books, Crafts, Custom Poetry, Rag-Quilts, Artwork, Jewelry, Frames, Household Goods So, what is a unique gift? You...
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Temporarily in Print-Soon to be Pulled from Production

Below are 3 books soon to be pulled from Production as I am revising them to be like the 4th Collection. And adding content. The links will take you to the Amazon page for each...
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Kari L Greenaway-Events: Library Visits, Book Promos

Kari L Greenaway Calendar of Events: Book Signings / Book & Poetry Readings / Live Sessions / Meet ups. I plan on traveling across the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, sharing my newest upcoming Childrens book...
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Customized Poem

Custom poetry: Not all gifts are of the same value. Nor touch the heart like a custom poem. Won’t you consider contacting me so I can get started on that gift you’ve been meaning to...
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Kari L Greenaway: Children’s and Devotional Author Extraordinaire

Amazon-Available! On Kindle and Paperback within 72 hours of 10.27.2023-12:54am ET:(Amazon Link) 

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Good news! If you are enrolled in KDP Select- You will be in for a treat, as What Job Is For Me? From A to Z is also enrolled!

What Job Is for Me? From A to Z (Takes you to this sites Book Page)

What job is for me? From A to Z Front cover- two astronauts with a space theme and different occupations being shown within different space bubbles

Looking for a Devotional Book for yourself, or an extraordinary Children’s book

for your inquisitive child?

Adults & Children alike can help, “Thump Bad!” (Stay tuned for an upcoming children’s chapter book.) Releasing mid 2024


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