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Reconnect to Your Inner Child
Reconnect to Your Inner Child

If We cannot empathize, we cannot vocalize.

Luke18:16 But Jesus called them and said, Allow the little children to come to Me, and forbid them not. For of such is the kingdom of God.

Redeemed Reflections Devotional Book

Not your typical devotional book. Satisfying heart-food, full of Spirit-led poems, easy to comprehend.  LISTEN to entire Playlist with audio. A Gold Medal, award-winning Devotional Christian Poetry Book Redeemed Reflections is a winner! the 2021...
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Kari L Greenaway- Events

Kari L Greenaway Calendar of Events: Book Signings / Book & Poetry Readings / Live Sessions / Meet ups. Filter by Week, or Month.  In 2022 we opened a You Tube channel. Stuff that might...
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Vine & Tendril Unique Gifts

Unique Christian Gifts- Vine and Tendril: Custom gifts and Home Store Unique Christian Gifts for The Whole Family: Books, Crafts, Custom Poetry, Rag-Quilts, Artwork, Jewelry, Frames, Household Goods So, what is a unique gift? You...
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Out of Print-Pulled from Production

*Hope Doesn’t Hide* *He Had You at Belief* *There Is a God* Connect with me!
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Forthcoming Books

In progress Titles- I may be querying Agents/Publishers. But I still wanted to connect with you, my reader.

Tap Into Your Inner Child- Little k and Jesus can help.

"Hi, I am Little k. And I want to help Kari help you tap into your inner child. I met Kari in February of 2021. I have to tell you that after meeting me, she couldn't sleep until she finished writing down all...
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Kari L Greenaway-Author

Helping you re-CONNECT with your inner child.


“Hello, I am Little k. Kari wants to travel and tell others all about my, Jesus’ and her project. And if you want to learn more about our currently “Top Secret,” club then just click on the big yellow circle below to ENTER in and say, “Hi! (Don’t be shy.)

Large yellow circle with text, "Tap into your inner child" with some smaller circles within larger one. re-connect


Facing barriers? Be well. Be made whole/complete.

-Mental illness could be considered as a barrier. Not to me! My way of sounding a trumpet is proclaiming, “My illness doesn’t define me, my relationship with Christ does!”

God reached through psychosis and schizophrenia to pull me out. Imagine the ways he could reach you. The poems and stories on this site, the different endeavors attempted are the by-product of saying. “Here I am, send me.”

What will your response be to Jesus?

Will you let Him heal your heart?  Watch as your faith is built. Praise is a KEY toward hope.

God IS relational. Doesn’t that make sense? Give/Take and Weights/Balances.


LOVE=Always the correct answer

Read, Reflect, Repair, Rejoice.

What is it about God’s love that has been a key factor in your life?

I would love to walk with you for a bit and share what you and I have in common when it comes to Jesus. I’m no longer terrified by Him. And I am so thankful for that. He has been wooing me in Hebrew and tells me, “I yaw-dah (know) you.” He has such boyish mannerisms yet is tender with my heart.

Check out our Index to get a better feel for the way I write. (Yay, FREE!) Poems and other faith-based writing is great to look at from a devotional point of view. Rest on God’s Promises.

Or maybe you are ready to dig in!

There is one devotional collection currently available for purchase.

Bookcover for redeemed reflections with gold medal award sticker affixed to the front of it.

Grab two. (One for a friend.) -Aren’t friends great!?

Change your heart, change your life!  

Christian poetry blog-alive with love

God uses many avenues to help us with faith building.

color photo of author, kari l greenaway

God uses others to reach out to you!

 How might my writing help you?

  • Through individual or group reflection, it helps us draw nigh to God.
  • It can be a lovely way to worship God.
  • It’s written clearly and is easily understood.
  • My writing can give a heightened awareness of God’s love.
  • You will learn to depend more on God for guidance.
  • My writings view life through a lens of hope.
  • Custom poems help filter the precise burden that is on your heart.
  • Scripture references are provided. You can verify truths pulled from the Bible.

    Subjects to foster your spiritual growth:

    Devotional /teaching -Learning begins when you hold truth close to your heart. 
    Evangelism -You may already evangelize but not be aware. Perception plays an important part. We all have our own methods. Keep it pure, keep it real.
    Praise / Prayer -Having a heart full of praise and prayer helps give us the momentum to overcome obstacles. Evil tends to flee in the face of it. 
    Testimonial moment -Sharing how your life and heart have been changed is pivotal in spreading the gospel. It’s putting action to our heart’s feelings. We can’t help but share that through love. 


    • A faith-filled life filled with courage.
    • If you were always “connecting” and spreading hope.
    • Having a healthy prayer life, filled with praise.
    • Feeling joy even amidst sorrow.

    God can help you to do all the above and so much more!
    How might God help you?

    God' hand reaching out to your heart (figuratively)- image of an open hand, fingers outstretched, palm up
  • Through learning to trust Him.
  • He will show you what a Christ-like love looks like.
  • Whether basic training, (milk), or advanced (meat), His Spirit will guide you.
  • You will learn what His “no one can take joy is.”
  • You will be offered life, forgiveness.

Heart food:

Shared through stories and poems about faith, & love. Which speak about sin and redemption. And being reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. They are stories and poems of purpose, power, and cheer. YOU are NEVER alone. You can claim God’s promises for yourself.

Content found on this site and in my books:

  • Encourage you to realize how special you are in His eyes.
  • They may help you discover your place in God’s plan.
  • They showcase the attributes of God.
  • They will guide you toward healing or challenge your thought patterns.
  • They help liberate your mindset with gratitude, hope, liberty, and Christian purpose.

This site makes every attempt to magnify God’s love. And this author longs for you to glorify God in all that you do. 

How may I serve you today?

I am at your service,




Connect with me!