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(You may never be the same after.) Just saying. I have a heart for the Lord, and if I’m not talking about Him (to myself or Himself) then I need an outlet and if you contact me, you’ll probably get an earful. But in the event that all that doesn’t terrify you, then by all means, connect with me.

I would love to hear your life happenings. Your trials and tribulations. The real why about what brought you here and if there is anything missing in your life. You could have Jesus and still have stuff missing.

Contact Kari:

Though I would like to limit the number of calls I receive, I know that’s not always possible. And I want you to use the method you are most comfortable with. I would like to get chat at some point to better serve those who prefer that method of contact.

In case you’ve reached this page by accident, you have reached the Contact page of Author, Kari L Greenaway (Me)

Contact Methods to Use:

  1. email: gwp777333@gmail.com **
  2. 1-570-971-7010 ** (Follow Prompt if no answer/Calls returned in the order they were received.) Wait times may vary depending on method used.


I Look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. My native (And pretty much only language- Although, learning Hebrew.) is English. (Oh, okay, and dog) (Oh, and word salad)