Free Christian Poem-A Personalized Giveaway

Subscriber Giveaway- A FREE customized poem.

Personalized for you. It has been put on my heart to connect with you in a way that adds value for you. Whether you have been a long-time reader here on my site, but never got around to subscribing or if you are a totally new visitor. This is for you!

Upon becoming a new subscriber, you will receive a welcome email with more information. I have tried to make the process as fluid as possible. Not sure if this is for you? 

The personalized free poem can be for yourself or for another. It is my gift to you. I will need a little background info or some guidance on subject matter to best serve you with something memorable. Or maybe you are at a loss for subject matter. Another idea is that I can take a look at your social media posts and try and use information there to prayerfully consider a poem for you.

Whatever the case, I want to connect with you. You are precious to God and have value.

Don’t forget to bookmark our website. And if you know of anyone who might be interested in our content or a free poem, please provide the link to them.

Let’s have some fun with this!

In His service,

Kari L. Greenaway

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