God With Us: Christmas Poem

God With Us: A Christmas Poem

Hope lit an eternal spark that Holy Bethlehem night.

Our, God with us, Immanuel, (Forever pure and bright.)

From tiny babe to wooden cross His innocence was known.

And now He sits to the right of, God the Father and His throne.

Each moment is a gift, to be unwrapped with utmost care.

The message isn’t confusing, (Eternal hope instead of fear.)

Salvation is His gift to us. (From He who always is—)

He calls all to be reconciled to God and come be His.

Let us all remember to love. (Let Jesus be our flare.)

There are many going without, draw them close, keep them near.

Celebration is more than presents, or food, or just cheer,

It’s a call from beyond the cross, “Live hope throughout the year!”

So, when in hustle and bustle, you find that you are,

Remember our Lord Jesus Christ, and His travels from far.

(He gives light to this world, and to eternity’s depths,)

He’s the hope for all souls and our, “hell,” intercept.

Whether, Christmas or Holiday, please let me clear up—

It’s a Holy day when sharing from, the Saviors plate and cup.

Otherwise, it’s Christmas! And you can take that to the bank.

For take Christ out of Christmas and it loses all rank.

©Kari L Greenaway