Kari L Greenaway-Childrens and Devotional Author Extraordinaire

Author Bio- Kari L Greenaway

Kari L Greenaway: Award-winning Author

Raised in New England, Kari L Greenaway spent her spare time reading. In third grade, a teacher recommended she go to a private school to better challenge her. And allow her inquisitive mind to thrive. Kari stayed the silent introverted type until 2014. At that time, Jesus convinced her He would finish His work that started at belief. Since then, He has been wooing her in Hebrew. And of course, she cannot resist His boyish charm. Especially when He says, “I yaw-dah you!” Which in Hebrew means, “to know,” and its definition reads like a poem to her. 

He teaches her that the LOVE of the Lord is perfect. And converts the soul. Yeah, we know Psalm 19 states, “The LAW,” but Jesus told her, the Law IS Love. Kari’s writing has been published since 2016.

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  • She’s a dreamer and an achiever.

  • Neutrality is not an option she chooses.

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