Kari L Greenaway-Childrens and Devotional Author Extraordinaire

Redeemed Reflections Devotional Book

Not your typical devotional book. Satisfying heart-food, full of Spirit-led poems, easy to comprehend. 

A Gold Medal, award-winning Devotional Poetry Book

Redeemed Reflections is a winner! the 2021 illumination book awards

Author notes: “I am so thankful that Redeemed Reflections was the judge’s choice for Gold Medal Winner in the Poetry category. In any event, I hope I do the Lord proud and increase my marketing skills therefore improving my ministry skills. Congratulations, to the other entrants and winners! It’s hard to be vulnerable. But consequentially, I’ve learned blessings arise when we are.”

Because God’s presence is near, we can have hope. Ezekiel 34:11 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out.

Get ready for satisfying heart-food. Spirit-led and faith-boosting poems, presented in a down-to-earth manner, because is there any other way? The rhymes are lyrical and geared toward glorifying God. Moreover, insightful and poignant reflections are shared for each poem to draw the reader. This then helps contemplate our own faith situations. Consequently, due to my own belief in hope, all poems are written with an eye toward hope. In short, the poems are easily relatable to and offer valuable lessons. As a result, we can read the poems and reflections and take our own personal inventory.

Poems from this book don’t exclude men.

So, hearty poems are there for the taking. For instance, this is a collection meant to drive the reader into a closer walk with their Savior. You will benefit from a walk down it’s road. Take a close look at the cover and you will see that the leaves are actually hearts.

With the permission of the author, this is noted, “To me, it is like a tree of life, vibrant and expressive as it relates to the choices we make. The attached leaves are the ones who have chosen the way of life. The others? In essence, the ones that won’t.”

Redeemed Reflections: Poems and Ponderings of Faith- 2021 Illumination Book Awards Gold Medal Winner: Poetry


More importantly, you can purchase one for yourself and one to two for friends through,

In conclusion: God’s presence is near! And to sum it up even more? Rules of engagement= Let LOVE be abundant!

For example, we all need a place to rest and time to reflect. And before life stops being satisfying it’s time to take an inventory.

Additionally, we have some key points to remember.
First off, The Lord gives His Holy Word as a place to rest.
Secondly, He gives His promises as a light in the dark. And in this cluttered world, it’s not always easy to find true peace and joy.
Thirdly- He teaches us to trust through the pain, which allows faith to build a bench on the hardest road.
Fourthly- We can ultimately choose to rest in Him. He awaits us!

Moreover, in Redeemed Reflections, Kari L. Greenaway illuminates the sometimes rough, yet joyful roads of life through encouraging poems, reflections, and Scripture. 


To clarify, here are some of the poem types:

-Praise/Prayer: Therefore, helping to give momentum to overcome obstacles. 
-Teaching: In Contrast, when held close to the heart, turn into a lifestyle.
-Evangelistic: Most importantly, keep it pure and real. 
-Testimonial: Last, but not least, show the effects of how life changes with faith.

As a result, and consideration regarding the length of each reading, Fifty-two poems makeup this poetry collection.

Therefore, the print length is appoximately134 pages for the hard or soft cover version.

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REVIEWS– Redeemed Reflections: Poems and Ponderings of Faith

*****(Five Star)

“Inspirational Poetry”

This was an awesome read. I would read 2-3 poems a night and you could tell that the author put out so much heart in each poem. It was an inspirational read for me. (8/2022)

****(Four Star)

“A warm and encouraging mix of Scripture, poetry, and reflections.”

I received a free copy of the eBook for review from the author. Each chapter consists of a poem, a scripture, and a short reflection on the Bible verse. It’s a warm and inviting layout for readers and the chapters are brief and thought provoking. The book is an encouraging and heartfelt offering for readers who enjoy Christ-centered poems and Bible devotions. (4/2020)