Kari L Greenaway-Childrens and Devotional Author Extraordinaire

Whispers to Pride- Humble’s Path (Ages 7+)

Humbles Path- Book 1: Whispers to Pride Series

Children’s book

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Come explore Jesus through the eyes of a precocious seven-year-old named Little k, in Humbles Path- Book 1 WHISPERS TO PRIDE series.

This quirky girl has Jesus wrapped around her finger. Or so she thinks. When Little k gets together with Jesus, she lets him know she dislikes the name He gave to her. Little? No thanks! She’d rather He give her a BIG K. After all, she deserves to be the star, the tippy-top, the “ceiling”!

But over the course of walks, tea parties, and days in the sun, Jesus gently but firmly makes it clear to Little k that He knows best. Together they discuss important words like struggle (with a “rug” in it?) and eternal (does it make you “turn”?), which lead Little k on a path toward the
only thing she truly needs. When her newfound identity is put to the test through emotional trauma, will Little k be able to take Jesus’ words and make them her own?

WHISPERS TO PRIDE-Humbles Path, is being submitted to a few select publishers and is expected to be around 20k-words upon final draft and publishing. It’s intended for the 7+ audience. (A read aloud for younger children, or independent reading for older children.)

It contains elements of mental health awareness and focuses on rejecting legalistic religion in favor of lasting relationship — all discussed in kid-friendly, sometimes humorous terms.

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