Share Your Story!

Have you ever asked, “How do I share my story?” There are so many outlets available today. YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, so forth and so on. I would love the opportunity to share your story in poem form. Poetry and poetic verse are an artform by itself. You are a work of art. I see things others don’t. And that comes through in my work. Granted, I don’t see physical things as much as figurative things. I see more Spiritual than physical.

share my story-Woman with brown hair and white dress stooping over to smell some flowers

Have you stopped to smell the flowers recently? Have you given much thought to your own personal story?

I find inspiration from other’s personal accounts of their lives.

Whether you’ve been through trials or blessings. I want to share your story with you. I have a unique perspective. A spiritual one. I love you and I feel as if you could use a good friend. How is the “universe” working in your life? How do you move from point a to b? Your life’s story has value and can help others overcome obstacles in their own life.

You can “share my story” (yes, that means share YOUR story) (and the link opens my contact page) through a variety of ways. By phone, or postal mail, through Facebook, or Twitter, its’ your preference. I would be honored to help write a poem about your experience as part of my ministry in Christ. There wouldn’t be any charge (Just maybe a delay due to requests)

If you don’t want it for FREE, I would be honored if you would consider signing up for our newsletter in exchange. I offer FREE poems to new subscribers (you’re not alone). If that doesn’t encourage you further, take your time. We have free poems for you to look at over at our poetry index.

Don’t be shy. I am often nervous myself when making a new friend, but God wants us to share each other’s burdens and once you start sharing, the Lord will work in your life and empower you to share even more. For his glory.

Our life is not to be hidden!  Matthew 5:13-16

I await your response,
In Christ,