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So, what is a unique gift? You can think of it as unusual, uncommon, matchless, unequaled, or exceptional. However, our gifts are relatively simple, yet lovingly crafted. 

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Custom Ornament, Decor: Pastor Appreciation Gift- FREE Poem Included

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Unique, custom-made gift. (FREE Custom Poem included) Handmade in the USA -Fabric ornament or use as wall decor. A great pastor appreciation gift, or gift for that hard to shop for individual. Lovingly crafted. Size is 8.5" long by 5.5" wide and approximately .25" thick. This will be a one-of-a-kind Locker-hooked wall cross made specifically for you. Let me know what you want as a dominant color/or what color you absolutely don't want in it. Designed In the shape of the cross of Jesus Christ. The 2 examples shown (green/blue/white batik fabric & Burgundy multi-color) are also padded and have ruching. The third photo is of the OT ones I make. Hopefully, you can see there is a difference in how they look besides the colors. Ruched/padded ones can be made with up to 2 colors. OT style up to 4 colors.

The variations in price are dependent on which style you want. Padded/Ruched -costs less as there is less time involved to make it. Please call if you need more assistance prior to ordering. Don't forget to fill out the comments with your preferred colors. (Max of 2 colors on the less expensive option.)

When you shop here on our site versus the "Big Box" sites, we receive more proceeds to use toward serving others. We use the funds to operate this website, give books to those who may not otherwise be able to afford them and to assist with some living expenses not otherwise covered. I've been writing and serving others since early 2016.

I also have some crosses pre-made in Old Testament Colors.

Turna around for simpler crosses is 5 days, 8-10 for fully locker hooked (pic 3)

My mission is to serve you. I hope you will delight in this product whether it's for yourself or given as a gift. For the FREE Custom poem included with your gift, please provide relevant information about the person receiving the gift. Quirks, likes/dislikes and any other interesting tidbits you have to offer. And I will prayerfully consider information moving forward.

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*Glorifying God in multiple ways. Contact for more details.

What is the greatest gift I’ve ever received? Salvation.

Talk about a unique, beautiful work. Matchless and pure. Thank You Father, for your priceless gift. You are amazing. And Lord Jesus, I’m sorry I’ve been a turtle. Thank You for pursuing me.

Your visit is appreciated. If you don’t find a product or article that encourages you with your walk with Christ, please reach out to me and I will do something custom for you. 

The reason for opening Vine and Tendril Gift store, is that it gives us the opportunity to put more proceeds into ministering to others.

Our store is suitable for all age groups.

Praying that your visit will be a blessed one. Products will be added as time allows. 

If you’ve enjoyed our store, please share the link. Perhaps you know someone who needs a faith-boost. 

In conclusion, I value your time and business! Be blessed and bless.

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